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B.A.S.S. Logo Variations

Bay Area Sound Systems business cards

Early concepts for Bay Area Sound System Logo

Early sketeches of Bay Area Sound System Logo


The name, Bay Area Sound Systems (B.A.S.S.) interestingly arrived as a shower thought. I was helping my client name his new audio production business and after a long brainstorming session, I told him I just needed to go steam it out for a while and I had a feeling something would come.

My thought process went something like this...maybe we are just trying too hard. What does he provide? Lots of high quality audio BASS! What about the word, BASS?! Is there a way to make it stand for something meaningful? Quite naturally, the words Bay Area Sound Systems floated out of my mouth. Excitedly, I shared the idea with my client and he liked it! The weeks of conjuring up names to be forgotten were finally at an end. Now we just had to sit with it to make sure it was a good fit.

Now for the logo mark. We needed a logo that would have appeal both for festival productions as well as high end corporate parties so we needed something cool, yet not too far either direction. We talked about using sound bars and making the San Francisco skyline or the Golden Gate bridge out of them. Hours of exploration led to the current execution of the logo and as the business grows, so will the application of the branding. Let’s turn it up for B.A.S.S.!

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