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presentation design, logo design and website design


Covid Free Hawaii initially came to me in search a presentation designer to help gather support and funding for mass COVID-19 testing in the islands. This informational presentation deck was presented to government officials, industry leaders, and medical professionals. Over the course of a month, we created a series of decks which became an important visual aid for communication and implementing a comprehensive plan in a short amount of time.

Within these decks, we used typography, layout and custom icons to help information and key talking points stand out and feel engaging. We created custom infographics and charts to show complex ideas and to maintain the overall look and feel of the brand. By focusing on clean design, we were able to quickly get key players on board and gain support for the effort.

We worked tirelessly on tight deadlines. We designed a simple logo to represent the company, making it identifiable and offering credibility and professional leverage. Around the same time, we also designed a website as a resource for Hawaiian residents to reference and gather information from.

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