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We first met at a dinner party. My client and I were both somebody's +1 and started up a conversation. Near the end of the night, I was handed a business card, but it was not clear what the name of the company was. Naturally, I announced the tagline instead of the company name and slightly embarrassed, my to-be client mentioned that people often make that mistake.

"You know…I am a graphic designer and I can help you out with that.", was my reply. We exchanged information and agreed to get in touch. A few weeks later, they called me in for a consultation to see what I could do for them. They expressed concerns about losing out on big jobs because they were lacking the profession appeal required to secure trust. The last straw for them was when a local dollar store popped up with a logo just like their old one. An hour later, we shook hands and I had a new client.

I created three unique concepts for them, but this one seemed to hit home. The arrows speak a visual language about moving forward into the future, but also about giving back and recycling. There is also a hidden 'C' and a hidden 'G' in this logo mark. The color selection talks about their green initiatives and helps them to stand out among their competition.

I have since been hired to do a few smaller projects for them and I am excited to see their brand moving forward.

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