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My client's original site was in dire need of a redesign since their original site was literally created in the 90's. It violated nearly every law in modern website design. He said he was actually so embarrassed of it that he would never send possible leads there and nobody was finding him through organic SEO searches so 100% of his business was by word of mouth or referral.

My client was finally ready to make the leap and invest in his online presence. We needed a complete graphic redesign and because my client wished to make regular website updates on his own, we opted to move the site from an .asp framework, to Wordpress, a more user friendly CMS platform with built in SEO advantages. In addition to technical updates, I worked with their project manager and helped guide them through how to get the most of their online investment by making it very easy for website visitors to find what they needed and take action.

In addition to redesigning the website, my client also needed their logo created in vector format. Unfortunately, we were not able to track down the original typeface and the one they had was too low res to accurately recreate the artwork. To be completely honest, the logo looked dated and was a little funky. Since we were not looking for a full on redesign of the brand, I was careful to preserve as much of the original branding as possible while helping out a few trouble spots to improve legibility, and to help it appear more modern.

So far, the site has only been live for a few months, but they are already reporting qualified leads and are benefitting from their investment as they are now proud to direct traffic to their site which has finally made online marketing a real possibility for them. Check out the full site over here »

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