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Lil' Bears Play Cafe Branding


The Challenge: My client needed a personal logo to boost her image at networking and social events. She wanted something that would pay tribute to the local tropical paradise of Hawai'i while communicating a presence that is strong, yet feminine and artistic.

The Solution: Because I was living in Hawai'i at the time, I had the advantage of being submerged in the culture and surrounded by all sorts of aloha. I took a walk around my neighborhood to get the creative juices flowing and stopped at a fully bloomed bird of paradise plant. It was perfect for my client! Strong, feminine, and deserving of the spotlight.

The Process: I photographed the plant form different angles and then proceeded to illustrate over the image. I carefully selected colors and created gradients to bring the line work to life. Once the mark was created, I spent some time exploring different fonts. I knew a heavy script would be perfect, but needed something that would remain legible for every letter of her name.

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