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B.A.S.S. Logo Variations


The Challenge: My client had this really cool idea about updating the colors on her logo. Because that requires training and skills which my client did not possess, we needed a solution that would allow her this control and freedom without requiring the actual logo artwork to be altered, preserving the integrity of her brand. She wanted to reference the art deco period as part of her brand identity while using an athletic figure as part of the design concept.

The Solution: By keeping the actual logo colors neutral, primarily relying on black and white my client is now able to use her logo with an array of color backgrounds. We created four color variations for her branding took kit so she has something for for any scenario that may arise.

The Process: I photographed, then simplified the highlights and shadows of a muscular, feminine dancer to create the figure, and then added a radial background to help the artwork stand out on different color backgrounds. The radial lines within the circle add a sophisticated texture to the piece while while paying tribute to the art deco period. The gold color compliments richly colored backgrounds, and adds a surprising new level of interest.

We also explored pushing the brand beyond the logo by introducing geometric patterns which further speak to the art deco concept. This was a smart approach because art deco is trending now in fashion and design. By keeping the two ideas somewhat separated, we were able to preserve the timelessness of this mark so that decades from now, it will still be as fresh as the day it was finished.

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