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website design, logo design and branding, and zoom background


Women Leaders in Diabetes initially approached me for a logo design. Our first challenge was creating a word mark that said wild even though the the acronym, “wild” isn’t 100% in order. I had the idea to use an exclamation mark because it sort of bypassed the technical spelling and made the word mark appear unique, giving it just the right amount of flair. We wanted a mark that was fitting for the name “W!LD”, but that would still send the right message to corporate sponsors and appeal to women CEO’s and business leaders.

Next came the responsive website design. I was hired to design a professional website that embodied the spirit of W!LD brand. We needed a design that had an element of surprise, something just different enough to make the brand memorable and interesting. I came up with the idea of using black and white imagery overlaid with colorful triangle mosaics. Here, we discovered our path and began to build out the new company’s visual identity.

In addition to the logo and website, I was also asked to create a zoom backdrop for speakers who are presenting remotely. In time, this women centric organization will host traditional conferences and networking events. We needed to create a brand identity that will translate to environmental and conference design. These triangles make the perfect backdrop and will provide endless design opportunities for this brand as it matures.

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